The villain who will never take over HTF world
Name Devious
Gender Male
Interests Evil plans, robots, lasers
Species Gerbil
Color Purple
Relatives  ??
Age  ??
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Kivila, Lifty and Shifty, 001
Enemies/Rivals Everyone else (especially Splendid)
Love Interests Kivila
Kill Count 60
Death Count 55
First Appearance Sooner or Laser
First Victim Frostbite (Ice Pie)
First Death Sooner or Laser

Devious is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends. He is set to appear as a minor antagonist in The HTF Movie.

Character Bio

Devious is a light purple gerbil who wears a black uniform with a belt, and a mysterious button on the buckle. He also has a red monocle-like attachment over one of his eyes. His other features include a goatee and whiskers that look like a pointed moustache.

He calls himself the "supervillain" of HTF City. But really, he is the evil equivalent of Splendid, his arch-nemesis. While Devious is known to create a variety of inventions to help him with his evil plots, he often ruins his own plans due to bumbling, leading to his deaths. To add to his naiveness, he once named his team M.O.R.O.N.S. (Malicious Ominous Rebellion of Obliteratingly Nefarious Schemes). His schemes almost always fail, but he defeated Splendid for the first time in New Leaf.

His backstory was revealed in the episode Origin of Evil. It was shown that Splendid became popular for stopping an ice cream truck from crashing. Jealous of Splendid's fame, Devious tried to do the same with another ice cream truck, except he caused it to crash and killed others in the process. His following arrest and ridicule by Splendid caused his villainy.

Due to his backfiring plans and his bad karma, Devious almost always dies in his appearances. The only episodes he survived are currently Don't Axe Me A Question! Part 2, Origin of Evil, Against All Negative, A Cam-pain In The SideWishing Well DoneNutty or NiceThe Dark Bird RisesDeviously Devoted To YouFirst and Fort-Most and Despicable Him. He did die in Splendid Origins, but only in a movie.


Starring Roles

  1. Sooner or Laser
  2. One Last Crusade
  3. Ice Pie
  4. I Need a New Brain
  5. Devious' Villain Smoochie
  6. Attempted Insecticide
  7. Hack to the Future
  8. Weather or Not
  9. Monumental Trouble
  10. Origin of Evil
  11. Splendid vs M.O.R.O.N.S.
  12. A Cam-pain In The Side
  13. Villains Control!
  14. Vertigo
  15. Naughty or Naughtier
  16. New Leaf
  17. Hot Stuff
  18. Tiny Enemy Within
  19. Specieism
  20. Evil Goes Squirming
  21. Evil Love
  22. Deviously Devoted To You
  23. Three Times the Harm
  24. Shattered Evil
  25. Brain Drain
  26. Bad vs Evil
  27. Dead on my Shoulders
  28. Under the Fur
  29. Recipe for Disaster
  30. The Name's Bond
  31. I Got my Eye on You
  32. Ice Cream, You Queen
  33. Cub-Napped
  34. Gerbil and the Walrus
  35. Laser Stifles

Featuring Roles

  1. Don't Axe Me A Question! Part 2
  2. More for Mimi
  3. Extinct No More!
  4. Mecha Mash
  5. Against All Negative
  6. Wishing Well Done
  7. Litter Bitter
  8. The Dark Bird Rises
  9. Internet Interception
  10. Dream On
  11. First and Fort-Most
  12. Kick the Bucket
  13. Stupid Cupid
  14. Demolition Drive
  15. Origin of the Beak
  16. Paint-ful
  17. Super Freak
  18. Never Spoke of It
  19. Pets Peeved
  20. Tentacles of Justice
  21. Snobby Affairs
  22. A New Dope
  23. Tear Pressure
  24. All Tooned Up
  25. The Eyes Have It
  26. Ironside II
  27. Super Bat Man
  28. Genie Weeny Little Problem


  1. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  2. Nutty or Nice
  3. Heroes or Zeroes?
  4. Splendid Origins
  5. Father Hero Figure
  6. Ticket to the Limit
  7. Convictus Games
  8. The Missing Lynxes



  1. Sooner or Laser - Eaten by pigeons.
  2. One Last Crusade - Dies in explosion.
  3. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death - Punched in the head by Splendid.
  4. Ice Pie - Strangled by his parachute.
  5. I Need a New Brain - Killed by growing antlers.
  6. Smoochie option 1 - Splattered by laser beam.
  7. Smoochie option 2 - Eaten by a mutant.
  8. Smoochie option 3 - Beaten to death by floating objects.
  9. Attempted Insecticide - Eaten by insects.
  10. More for Mimi - Falls into lava pit.
  11. Extinct No More - Dissolved in the stomach of T-Rexy.
  12. Hack to the Future - Killed by Flippy with an electric knife.
  13. Weather or Not - Blown up by his machine.
  14. Mecha Mash - Crushed by his robot.
  15. Monumental Trouble - Stabbed on the tips of Egyptian pyramids.
  16. Splendid vs M.O.R.O.N.S. - Stabbed to death by a chisel.
  17. Villains Control! - Splatters on the ground.
  18. Vertigo - Impaled by Flaky's quills.
  19. Litter Bitter - Impaled by pine needles, crushed by tree.
  20. Naughty or Naughtier - Killed by Fliqpy.
  21. New Leaf - Frostbite punches him through the stomach.
  22. Hot Stuff - Boiled to death.
  23. Tiny Enemy Within - Swallowed by white blood cell.
  24. Specieism - Hit by a plane.
  25. Evil Love - Either drowned or crushed.
  26. Heroes or Zeroes? - Sucked into black hole.
  27. Kick the Bucket - Forced into Kibble's bucket.
  28. Stupid Cupid - Shot in the face with a ray gun.
  29. Three Times the Harm - Vaporized with his laser.
  30. Demolition Drive - Crunched to pieces.
  31. Origin of the Beak - Impaled on pointy rocks.
  32. Shattered Evil - Dies of heart attack.
  33. Paint-ful - Killed by Perry.
  34. Super Freak - Killed in an explosion.
  35. Never Spoke of It - Explodes.
  36. Bad vs Evil - Stapled in the throat.
  37. Dead on my Shoulders - Carved like a pumpkin (offscreen).
  38. Tentacles of Justice - Smashed by a bank.
  39. Father Hero Figure - Eaten by robotic dinosaur.
  40. Under the Fur - Skinned by Baldy.
  41. Snobby Affairs - His manta ray machine malfunctions and explodes.
  42. Recipe for Disaster - Crushed by his ceiling after it collapses.
  43. A New Dope - Blasted by laser.
  44. The Name's Bond - Impaled by icicles from doomsday machine.
  45. Tear Pressure - Killed when a balloon pops.
  46. Ice Cream, You Queen - Impaled by ice cream cart umbrella.
  47. All Tooned Up - Melted.
  48. Cub-Napped - Dies when the car explodes.
  49. Gerbil and The Walrus - Dies in an explosion.
  50. Laser Stifles - Eaten alive by Dr. Flop's oyster bots.
  51. The Eyes Have It - Eaten by Splendid and Nutty.
  52. Ironside II - Dies in an explosion.
  53. Super Bat Man - Killed by a meteor.
  54. Trading Faces - Choked.
  55. Ticket to the Limit - Killed by his bomb.
  56. Genie Weeny Little Problem - Vaporized by a laser.


  1. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death - Trampled by bulls and sliced through the abdomen by a laser beam.
  2. Origin of Evil - Impaled in the eye by an ice cream cone.
  3. Against All Negative - Frozen in ice.
  4. Brain Drain - Surcumbs to his wounds.
  5. Dead on my Shoulders - Decapitated.

Kill count

  • Cuddles - 4 ("Hack to the Future", "Weather or Not", "Monumental Trouble", "Shattered Evil")
  • Giggles - 3 ("Hack to the Future", Weather or Not", "Monumental Trouble")
  • Toothy - 1 ("Monumental Trouble")
  • Lumpy - 2 ("Attempted Insecticide" along with bugs, "Splendid vs M.O.R.O.N.S.")
  • Petunia - 2 ("Hack to the Future", "Weather or Not")
  • Handy - 3 ("Hack to the Future", "A Cam-pain In The Side", "Super Bat Man")
  • Nutty - 1 ("Spaceism")
  • Pop - 1 ("A Cam-pain In The Side" along with Splendid)
  • Cub - 2 ("Hack to the Future", "A Cam-pain In The Side")
  • Flaky - 1 ("A Cam-pain In The Side")
  • Russell - 1 ("Hack to the Future")
  • Lifty and Shifty - 2 ("New Leaf" debatable, "Super Bat Man")
  • Frostbite - 1 ("Ice Pie")
  • Freezy - 1 ("I Need a New Brain")
  • Lessy - 1 ("I Need a New Brain")
  • Trippy - 2 ("I Need a New Brain", "Mecha Mash")
  • Robo Star - 1 ("Mecha Mash")
  • Hippy - 2 ("I Need a New Brain", "Monumental Trouble")
  • Spoke - 1 ("I Need a New Brain" debatable)
  • Josh - 5 ("Hack to the Future", "Weather or Not", "Origin of Evil", "Shattered Evil", "The Name's Bond" debatable)
  • Mecha - 1 ("Mecha Mash")
  • Howdy - 1 ("Monumental Trouble")
  • Decker - 1 ("Monumental Trouble")
  • Eli - 1 ("Monumental Trouble")
  • Pranky - 1 ("Monumental Trouble")
  • Gutsy - 1 ("Origin of Evil")
  • Buck - 1 ("Origin of Evil")
  • Chuck - 1 ("Origin of Evil")
  • Generic Tree Friends - 4 ("Monumental Trouble", "Origin of Evil", "Tear Pressure", "Super Bat Man")
  • Todd - 1 ("Wishing Well Done")
  • Spot - 1 ("Specieism" along with Waddles)
  • Buzzles - 1 ("Specieism")
  • Pecky - 1 (Specieism)
  • Biggy - 1 ("Heroes or Zeroes?")
  • Buckley - 1 ("Stupid Cupid")
  • Cavity - 1 ("Shattered Evil")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Bad vs Evil" along with Jerky)
  • Jerky - 1 ("Bad vs Evil")
  • Nubby - 1 ("Snobby Affairs")
  • Tech - 1 ("The Name's Bond" debatable)
  • Sciencie - 1 ("The Name's Bond")
  • Paws - 1 ("Super Bat Man")


  • He was created to take the role of an incompetent supervillain, since the series already has an incompetent superhero (Splendid).
  • He is the second character to have a goatee. The first is Gutsy.
  • His uniform somewhat resembles the uniform of Megamind (a Dreamworks villain).
  • He may have been based on Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films. He could also be a dead ringer to Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb due to his incompetent plans.
  • The story of his eye attachment has never been explained. When he was younger, his eye was normal. But after he descended to the dark side, he had it.
  • Despite his evil nature, he gets along with Splendid in Nutty or Nice. Though he was evil in Naughty or Naughtier, possibly due to Splendid's absence has been given an opportunity.
  • His deaths often involve explosions or exploding.
  • Josh is his most frequent victim.
  • He is a Suspect-At-Large for the F.I.G.H.T. agency.


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