Disco Bear and Flaky in "See What Develops".

Disco Bear and Flaky. It is not a very well-known pairing, but there are some fans.


  • In Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna be Ya!, after Flaky crashed through the fence, Disco Bear opened his door to find Flaky and seemed pleased to see her.
  • In See What Develops, Disco Bear and Flaky shook hands, and while doing so, Disco Bear winked at Flaky, and she didn't seem to mind.
  • In Class Act, when Toothy started singing and everyone held hands, Disco Bear and a de-pelted Flaky held hands.

Anime Disco Bear and Flaky.


  • The hint in Class Act is commonly over-looked. Most people only notice the other two, but there are technically three.
  • Despite not being popular on YouTube, the pairing is quite popular on deviantART.

Potential Theme Songs

  • Broken- the voices would suit the characters.
  • Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)- the song comes from the 70's era.
  • Einsamkeit- Disco Bear is probably pretty lonely, so this song would probably be a way to represent his point of view.
  • Sally's Song- Flaky might have feelings for Disco Bear, but she's not sure if he likes her back.
  • No Good Deed- If Flaky were to die due to Disco Bear trying to do good, he might just stop doing good altogether (or vice versa to where Flaky is singing about Disco Bear).
  • She Will Be Loved- Flaky could be with Flippy at this point, but feel unloved, and thus Disco Bear would come in and make her feel better and thus choosing him over Flippy.
  • Nine in the Afternoon- It could describe how they feel about each other (plus the name of the band is Panic! At the Disco).
  • Do I Creep You Out?- Flaky could become Disco Bear's stalker (thus the pairing is like Sonic/Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog or Arnold/Helga from Hey Arnold!).

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