Don't axe me a question
Don't play with axes!
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 14
Starring Roles
Robo Star
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Cars and People don't mix
Next Episode Warning

"Don't Axe Me a Question!" is a Happy Tree Friends fan episode and it is the fourteenth episode of Season One.


Robo Star and Superspeed are shown cutting near a tree. They want to cut it down so they can make firewood, so Robo Star grabs a badly damaged axe and attempts to chop the tree.

However, the handle of the axe, being badly damaged, falls off and slices Superspeed in the head. Robo Star, unaware of his death, continues to look for another axe to cut it down.


  1. This is Robo Star's first appearance.
  2. There is a gag in one of the episodes of the TV show [Home Movies] about vikings, in which the characters make jokes involving the parody phrase "axe me a question".
  3. Superspeed is the last character to die in Season 1.


  1. When Superspeed's head is sliced, his brains are not shown. However, in the next scene, the camera shows his head on the grass, and it shows splattered brains.


  • Superspeed was sliced in the head by an axe.
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