Don't Be Shaky, Flaky! is a fan episode. This episode introduces Shaky, a sky blue porcupine that looks like Flaky.


Starring Roles

  • Shaky
  • Flaky

Featuring Roles

  • Flippy
  • Toothy
  • Mime


Shaky is seen walking down the street as it's raining. She then sees a bench under a roof. Shaky runs towards it, wanting to get out of the rain. The bench is next to a store, were the owner is Toothy. Toothy sees Shaky, and asks her if she would like to come in. Nodding, Shaky enters Toothy's store. The next day, it stops raining, so Shaky thanks Toothy and walks off. Flippy is walking round the park with Flaky, looking at loads of exotic things. Shaky spots that Flaky looks exactly like her. She goes to walk towards them. A woodpecker starts pecking a tree, and Flippy notices this. As the noise reminds Flippy as gunshots from war, he flips out. He looks at Flaky with a big evil grin on his face. Flaky tries to run, but Flippy grabs her and strangles her. After she sufforcates, Flippy grabs her quills and pulls them off her, making her back bleed like crazy. Flippy throws the quills out Shaky. Shaky doges all of them, and sighs in relief. Toothy opens the door to see whats going on, only to get a quill stuck in his face. Mime is seen riding his unicycle jugling three circus balls. Flippy grabs the balls and stuffs them down Mime's throught. He then gets the unicycle and heads towards Shaky. Shaky looks behind her, seeing Flippy. Before she can scream for help, Flippy smacks her head off with Mime's unicycle. The episode ends as Flippy kills a woodpecker with a stone.


  1. Flippy strangles Flaky.
  2. Toothy has Flaky's quills go through his face.
  3. Mime sufforcates due to Flippy shoving 3 circus balls down his throat.
  4. Shaky's head gets knocked off by Flippy with Mime's unicycle.
  5. Flippy kills a woodpecker by piercing a stone through its stomach.

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