Cloudy's day at the park gets interrupted.
Internet Season: 5
Episode Number: 6
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Escalator Haters
Next Episode Snow More

Don't Cloud Around People is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends. This episode introduces Cloudy, the cloud-watching squirrel.


One day, Cloudy is swinging on the swings along with Meaty and Trippy. Handy wants to swing, but can't. Cloudy, looking at the clouds in the sky, accidently knocks Handy across the playground and Handy gets sliced in half by the the jungle gym. Puffy slips on Handy's blood, falls off the jungle gym and gets his head cracked open.

Petunia sees the mess and goes insane. She grabs Meaty and rubs him on the ground to clean up the blood, causing him to be impaled by shards of glass on the ground, killing him. She runs with a bucket of hot water to clean it up, but trips and melts Cro-Marmot, killing him. She then uses the water along with Giggles as a washrag and Giggles dies of the water that was still heated.

Cloudy screams and cries at the scene. Petuina satisfied of the clean ground, throws Giggles' body away. Cloudy runs in front of Trippy while he is swinging and unknowingly splits her head in half with the swing. The episode ends with a cloud in the sky that rains on everyone.


  1. Handy gets sliced in half by a jungle gym
  2. Puffy gets his head cracked open
  3. Meaty gets impaled by glass on the ground
  4. Cro-Marmot gets melted
  5. Giggles gets her brains fryed by hot water
  6. Cloudy gets her head split in half


  • This is Cloudy's debut appearance.
  • The first time Petunia kills someone.
  • Cro-Marmot's death is ironic because the ice would only melt.
  • This is the second episode where Trippy survives.
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