Doom-a-rang is the eleventh episode of Aussie Outback Friends.

Stupidity coming in epic proportions





Sheila and Sheldon sneak into the boomerang factory in the dead of night to steal boomerangs. They break inside, causing the alarm to go off. A police car drives to the scene of the crime. Upon reaching the factory, Police officer Platto steps out of the car.

Sheila smashes the alarm to make it stop ringing, but Platto comes inside just in the nick of time. Sheila runs off, dropping one of the boomerangs. Platto picks up one of the boomerangs and throws it at Sheila, but he misses. As the stray boomerang flies across the place, Platto uses his riot shield to protect himself.

Sheldon comes out of a room and sees the boomerang coming toward him, leading him to run back in and shut the door. A part of the boomerang slices through the door just barely missing his head. Nervous, Sheldon stumbles onto a wall, hitting a loose shelf with boomerangs. As a result, the shelf falls off and the boomerangs bounce off a nearby trampoline. They bounce across the room and slice Sheldon to peices.

The boomerangs barge through the door and fly across the place. As Sheila is packing up her things, the boomerangs slice off her tail and one of her ears. She runs to take shelter in a room, soon finding many boomerangs coming out of a machine. Sheila decides to grab the objects as they come out of the machine. Suddenly, a boomerang flies in through a window and hits the machine, causing it to malfunction.

Outside, Hairy proceeds to open the door to begin his work at the factory. Before he even opens the door, an explosion of hundreds of boomerangs barges out and slices him. The factory then crumbles to dust. In the distance, Platto congratulates himself for stopping the crime. As the episode ends, a boomerang hits him in the eye.


"Things bounce back if you allow them to!"


  1. Sheldon is sliced about six times by the boomerangs.
  2. Sheila and Hairy are sliced to tiny pieces by the boomerangs and burned in the explosion.
  3. Platto is impaled in the eye by a boomerang.


  • This is the first episode of AOF where nobody survives.
  • Platto and Sheldon are responsible for all the deaths in this episode.

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