Superspeed quickly packs for school
Internet Season: 3
Episode Number: 10
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Robo Star
Mom and Baby
Previous Episode All Hail The Idol
Next Episode Not Yo' Cheese

Dopework is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends.


Today is the day when a very important assignment is due. Superspeed hasn't even started on it. He hurries and packs his stuff up for school, forgetting about his work. Trippy decided to come over and help before school (which school starts in 2 hours) but Superspeed rushed out the door. He slams the door on Trippy, splattering him. Superspeed rushed down the street and to the bus stop.

Out of energy, he passes out. Two hours later, he wakes up from Rose kicking him slightly to wake him up. Superspeed screams and realizes he was oversleeping. They get on the bus and head for school. When they arrive, people are talking about a project due today. Not being able to find Trippy, he asks Robo Star about this "project". Robo Star said that a very important paper was due today in Lumpy's class. Superspeed runs off.

Robo Star grabs a really hot sauce, mistakening it has water, and drinks it. He catches on fire and sets Cuddles and Giggles on fire. They all collaspe and die. Superspeed is now sitting in class worried about what will happen. Mom, putting Baby on her desk, asks for the paper, which Lumpy holds out his hand for. Everyone but Superspeed gives a paper to Lumpy. Superspeed makes a break for it, but slams into the door, where he woozily walks backwards out a window.

Now impaled with glass, and broken from falling, he gets up. He is soon attacked by Flippy. As he attempts to get up again, a car runs him over. Ale then shows up and attacks him. A bear then appears and mauls Superspeed. Back in class, Mom is patting Baby's head when she realizes something. "Wheres Trippy?".


  • Trippy is crushed by the door
  • Robo Star burns to death
  • Cuddles burns to death
  • Giggles burns to death
  • Superspeed is mauled by Flippy
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