Robo Star







Fungus walks in his house and grabs a couple of old food on the floor and eats it. He walks outside to see Cuddles putting mail in his mailbox. Fungus asks whats inside and Cuddles replies that its a secret. He opens the mailbox after Cuddles leaves and finds it to be a trash bag. Although he dislikes cleaning stuff up, Fungus thinks of an idea and gathers all his trash and puts it in the bag and he pushes it in a corner. Fungus leaves the dirt so he can still stay dirty and goes to sleep. The next day he hears a crash and he goes outside to see that his big trash bag rolled outside and unintentionally crushed Superspeed. Nervous, Fungus tries to secretly put Superspeed's corpse in the bag and push the bag back in the house only for him to lose control of it and unable to catch up to it causing it to roll down a hill and smash Robo Star. Nervous again, Fungus puts Robo Star's corpse inside as well. Fungus starts to think of a plan and realizes its because of the trash. He pulls out a needle to pop the bag. However it causes an explosion which kills him. Meanwhile Petunia is enjoying her clean house that is until the trash from the explosion comes and falls on her garden and she suffers OCD again.

Happy Tree Friends Internet Season 6
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