Elizabeth is a red cat. Her name is often shortened to Beth.

Either she's cute, or she's serious.

Her deaths are usually caused by anything deadly.



  • Starship Altina: Hand cut of in a Star Wars-esque way.
  • Beta Break: Electrocuted by a machine while trying to recreate something that was still in beta.
  • Up the Putt, and Into the Chuck: Vomits.
  • Hot Activity: Caught on fire, but knew the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" technique.
  • Broken Heart (HTF2 Part 2): Heart blown up by medi beam while a gadget was attached to it.
  • Cashew-al: Chokes on a cashew nut. ("Wrong pipe...")


  • Starship Altina: Commits suicide by falling.
  • Beta Break: Stabbed through the heart.
  • Beth's Screwer Smoochie: Hammer: Tries to whack a nail, but the hammer claws impale her eyes.
  • Beth's Screwer Smoochie: Screwdriver: Unscrews a screw on a box, only for a fist to come out and punch the screwdriver into her sternum (breastbone) and kill her.
  • Beth's Screwer Smoochie: Saw: Tries to saw wood, but then she accidentally cuts off her fingers, leaving her to die of blood loss.
  • Hot Activity: Killed by Flippy by having her face burnt by really hot water.

Trivia and Goofs

  • She is one of those HTF characters with long hair.
  • Her full name is Elizabeth Sophitia Altina.
  • She says that she is proud she is "mune pettan (flat-chested)" because it's "a good status symbol". (Petunia: "In a way, how?") (Beth: Well, it makes you less of a target for perverts, and your chest won't get in the way.")
  • Beth is slightly based off of Rika Furude from the Higurashi series, as both have a cute and serious mode.
  • She has some colorful vocabulary (i.e., "You can stick those 5¢ Sundays up you ʃv<ɮ!~9 @$5!", "I'll shove a can of Pringles up that preacher's ∂z§! And be happy to tell him about it.", etc.). If you want to know what she's saying, look up "Leet" on Wikipedia.

Names in Other Languages


Элизабет (Elizabet)







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