Extra Cheese is a HTFF episode.
Did anyone order a pepperoni
and mouse pizza?
Internet Season: 96
Episode Number: 14
Starring Roles
Chef Meow
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Cabin Boy Fever
Next Episode TBD


Chef Meow is seen baking a pizza in the kitchen. Fatty attempts to pick a pepperoni slice but is sent to stand in the corner. Sweets is also there, having just prepared a strawberry cheesecake. Cheesy takes a peek from outside a window and is mesmerized by what he has seen. He climbs in while the two chefs are occupied in a conversation. Sweets then turns her head to discover that her cheesecake has been devoured. She glares at Fatty, who swears to be innocent.

The oven rings, reminding Chef Meow that his pizza is done. He takes it out and places it on the table. A customer calls to order a delivery, and Chef Meow promises it will be sent on time. Sweets suddenly tells him to come back into the kitchen. Chef Meow returns to find Cheesy rolling around in the pizza, mostly scraping the cheese off. The angered chef picks up a pizza paddle and starts chasing Cheesy with it. 

In order to defend himself, Cheesy throws a pepper shaker. The lid falls off and Chef Meow gets blinded by pepper flakes landing in his eyes. Because of this, he accidentally slices Sweets' head in half. Cheesy nearly makes it out, but stops at the sight of a piece of cheese in a mousetrap. Before he could reach it, however, Chef Meow beats him several times with the paddle until he is as flat as pizza. Then he raises the paddle into the ceiling fan, knocking it down and causing himself to be sliced.

Later, Vert and Rosso are shown playing video games. Fatty comes to their door with the pizza they ordered. Opening the box, they discover that the pizza is really a flattened Cheesy with some of Chef Meow's sliced parts on it. One slice has also been eaten by Fatty.


  1. Sweets is semi-decapitated.
  2. Cheesy is flattened to death.
  3. Chef Meow is sliced by a ceiling fan.


  • Cheesy's death is similar to Cub's death in Read em' and Weep.
  • Chef Meow caused every death including his own.

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