Face off

At least Pranky doesn't have to worry about getting zits on his face.

Face Off is a fan-made episode of HTF Break.


Rip and Torn buy bread from a grocery store in the mall. At the escalator, Pranky awaits their arrival and puts a banana peel near the first step. Rip slips on the banana peel and tumbles down the escalator with the bread.

As Pranky laughs, Torn flips out. He pushes a button to make the escalator move faster, then he grabs Pranky's head and puts his face towards the escalator steps. As a result, Pranky's face gets sliced off several times by the steps.

At the bottom of the escalator, the slices of Pranky's face pile up on the bread. The Mole puts the other bread on top of the slices and begins to enjoy a nice "sandwich" lunch.


  1. Pranky's face is sliced off about seven times.


  1. Rip is knocked out cold from tumbling down the escalator.


  • This may be the director's cut and sequel to Escalator Haters.
  • Pranky's death is somewhat similar to one of Flaky's imaginary deaths in "Without a Hitch".