Nutty's snack time is ruined
by the remnants of Splendid's snack time.
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 6
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Generic Tree Friends
Previous Episode Litters of Love
Next Episode You're Ripping Me Apart

Far Up Lie is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series.


Splendid is lying on his couch, eating a hot dog and being lazy. He hears screaming, and, being annoyed, he holds his food tight as he flies up high. Apparently, he can't find who is screaming.

He stays in the air for long, looking around to find who is screaming. Apparently, due to his acrophobia, he starts to barf a bit. The barf lands on Nutty, who was trying to eat a Hershey bar.

Splendid is about to barf again, so he quickly flies back home and continues to eat his hot dog, and lays down to get some rest to cure from his barfing. He takes his tempature, but continues to hear screaming. He goes to the rescue again.

Flying up in the air, his acrophobia goes crazy. Finally, he sees Hippy to be the one in trouble and quickly flies towards him, only to go so fast he crashes into the ground and dies. Suddenly, a bit of barf from before falls and covers Hippy.


"To be high even despite you're afraid of heights can be safer than being lazy!"


  1. Splendid falls to the ground and crashes.


  1. This episode introduces and explores Splendid's acrophobia, and how the problems can cause him to go bad.
  2. The title is a play on Far Up High.
  3. This is the second episode in a row where Splendid has a confirmed death.
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