Fatty seemingly disliking his weight.

Fatty is a morbidly obese pig with a chain around his wrist and a sweatband. The sweatband comes from the fact that he constantly tries to lose weight, only to be tempted into eating more unhealthy food and therefore becomes fat again. His deaths tend to be painful and drawn out, and he is usually one of the first characters to die.


Starring Roles

  1. Weenie of the Lamp
  2. Lazy Antics
  3. Pigs Might Fly
  4. Ham Kringle
  5. Porking My Sister
  6. Two Fat Guys and a Chef
  7. Keep Your Chin Up
  8. Burning Calories
  9. Un-porcine Circumstances

Featuring Roles

  1. Driving Problems
  2. Fastest Tree Friend in the World
  3. Gloomy New Year
  4. Blind Sided
  5. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  6. Oil Tycoon
  7. Mag-Ointy
  8. Weight your Turn
  9. Eating Like a Pig
  10. Fyre Fighter
  11. The Poultry-geist
  12. Dirty Dozen
  13. Chasm-Matic
  14. Have a Wool Trip
  15. Life-O-Suction
  16. No Love Ghost
  17. The Baby Formula

Appearance Roles

  1. Buff-oonery
  2. See the Light
  3. The Biggest Loser
  4. Frier, Frier, Pants on Fire
  5. Nice Jog
  6. Nunthing on Me
  7. Weightless
  8. Triple Trouble
  9. Trial Ant-ics


  1. Driving Problems: He bursts in his car due to his obesity.
  2. Weenie of the Lamp: Squeezed into a wiener.
  3. Gloomy New Year - Possibly dies when the clock tower explodes (debatable).
  4. Pigs Might Fly: Pops when he hits the ground.
  5. Blind Sided: Impaled on Buckley's antlers.
  6. Oil Tycoon: Burns to death.
  7. See the Light: Grinded by treadmill.
  8. Mag-Ointy: Popped by Pointy's beak.
  9. Eating Like a Pig: Eaten by Venue.
  10. Ham Kringle: Impaled by Toad's quills.
  11. The Poultry-geist: Choked to death and decapitated.
  12. Porking My Sister: Stabbed by Toad's quills.
  13. Two Fat Guys and a Chef: Bleeds to death.
  14. Dirty Dozen: Chokes on an apple, throat cut open and esophagus pulled out.
  15. Nice Jog: Sucked dry by Sluggy.
  16. Nunthing on Me: Eaten by a giant venus flytrap.
  17. Chasm-Matic: Impaled through the eye by a branch.
  18. Keep Your Chin Up: Crushed when his house collapses.
  19. Triple Trouble: Eaten by Scrap
  20. Trial Ant-ics: Explodes from being broiled alive.
  21. Burning Calories: Dies after his body gets a chunk bitten off.
  22. Have a Wool Trip: Ripped apart by the conveyor belt.
  23. Life-O-Suction: Grinded by treadmill.
  24. Un-porcine Circumstances: Brain removed, revived, then burnt to death.
  25. No Love Ghost: Crashed by a car.
  26. The Baby Formula: Dies of blood loss. 


  • He is one of the few overweight characters in the series. The others are Disco BearPudgySeth, and Slop.
  • He is the first character to be killed by Toad.


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