Fiery's head and part of his chest. It's difficult to draw Fiery digitally...

Fiery is a yellow ochre creature that seems partly mammalian and partly reptilian. He has goatlike ears, lavender chest scales, fiery red hair tied back in a ponytail, ash-colored claws, many slightly curved green spines on his back, and a long tail with a tuft of fur the same color as his hair on the end. He also has three scars: two intersecting ones on the area around his left eye, and one on his right arm. Perhaps his most striking features are the long, brown horns protruding from his head. His wrists, ankles, and neck all have metal cuffs with fragments of chains attached to them. He wears tigerskin shorts and uses a loop of chain as a belt. His right ear has two earrings, and his left horn has some yellow-green cloth tied to it for some (as of yet) unapparent reason. He can breathe fire and is extremely strong.


Fiery has a tendency to get angry easily, which often ends in him hurting other Happy Tree Friends and causing small forest fires, the former which he usually regrets later. This fiery temper was his namesake. He can be tempted or easily deceived sometimes, but mostly tries to do what he thinks others think is right. Unfortunately, these assumptions are not always correct.

He doesn't have a lot of experience with the world, and is frequently confused by subjects that others find ridiculous to not understand. This ignorance has earned him the nickname "Blazing Idiot" by some Happy Tree Friends, but he's only called that behind his back, due to his temper issues.


  • He is somewhat based off of Bowser from the Super Mario series and Suika Ibuki from Touhou Project.
  • In fact, his creator often refers to the color of his chest scales as "Suika purple".
  • Fiery is neither a natural nor a supernatural creature.
  • The scar on his right arm is a simplified version of the kanji 竜, meaning "dragon".
  • He often gets stuck in tree bark due to his spikes and horns.
  • The cloth thingy on his horn is on the left horn, like the horn-bows of Suika Ibuki and Ex-Keine, who both are from Touhou Project.
  • His nose is not a typical heart-shaped HTF nose, but instead the reptilian equivalent of a kitty nose.
  • Fiery's skin is scaly.
  • Smoke comes out of Fiery's nose when he's angry, but it's steam when he's depressed.
  • He cannot digest most vegetable matter.
  • Tigerskin is the preferred apparel of most oni, or Japanese demons.
  • Fiery's eyes are more slitlike than the eyes of the other Happy Tree Friends.

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