First Come, First Surf is the ninth episode of Aussie Outback Friends.
Surf shark

Quick! Punch it on the nose!





At the beach, Joey hops to the water and looks for some waves. He then reaches into his pouch and pulls out a surfboard, jumping into the water.

Nearby, Dingo fries up some burgers on a grill as Pup eats a steak. As Dingo looks at the waves, he notices a huge shark swimming just below a surfing Joey. Dingo imagines himself and Pup eating a barbecued shark. He runs and jumps into the water to wrestle the shark.

As Joey surfs, Kuddly watches in amusement. She suddenly notices the shark and screams. Joey is oblivious to this, until the shark pops out of the water and begins attacking him. Kuddly rushes to get the lifeguard.

The shark continues to attack Joey until it is interrupted by Dingo, who jumps on its back and pushes it into the waves. Dingo and the shark are seen fighting underwater, where the shark gets the upper hand and brings Dingo to the bottom of the reef. Just when the shark prepares to eat him, he grabs a stingray by the tail and uses it to stab the shark. The water soon turns red with blood, but then Dingo comes out surfing on the shark's body.

Later, Dingo is seen cooking the shark on the grill. As Pup eats, he sees a shell on the ground. He picks it up and looks at it, only for a crab-like creature to pop out and kills him. Meanwhile, Joey washes up ashore and wakes up, having survived the attack. Suddenly, lifeguard Platto comes and shocks him with a defibrillator. Due to the water and electricity, Joey explodes. Platto walks away whistling.


"Grab the shark by the fins!"


  1. The shark is stung by a stingray.
  2. Pup is attacked by a crab-like creature.
  3. Joey is electrocuted and explodes.

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