"Only the sounds of war... can change a man..." -Flaze/Flakie

Flaze is Flaky's older sibling. He is known to suffer from schizotypal, but he is awfully too serious to continue changing personalities. His real name is Flakie but his team will mostly call him Flaze. He will always say "Only the sounds of war can change a person inside."


Flaze was in war at 1987 when he was one to join the army. He hated that he had to leave his sister behind but he had no choice. He had to fight against Flippy's team, but that caught him off guard. Flaze became too serious and too sneaky, sneaking his way into Flippy's team base stealing all his weapons and other things, but instead something worse happened. The war took place as all of his teammates were killed, head shot a million times while he hid in his base eating a sandwich. On team Falcons, Flaze was the only survivor there, along with Flippy, Mouse Ka-Boom and Sneaky. When turning 20 he returned home after 7 years of being in the army, he met up with Lifty who actually stole his wallet, but he didn't care. Flaze had learned martial arts along with ninjutsu at the age of 5. Flaze has a bit problem with his species, he's half porcupine and half bear.

Human Forms

Flaze's human form is a bit different then Flaze in his actual form. His human form when
Flaze 6

Flaze at the age of 14 before being sent too war at a young age.

he was a child makes him look more like a chibi, but when he's an adult he looks more handsome. He wears two small clips in his hair with any sweater with any shirt but he
Flaze 5

Older Flaze

mostly likes the dark colors best.

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