Trippy and Robo Star in the fan version of Flippin' Burgers.


  1. Trippy
  2. Robo Star
  3. Cuddles
  4. Ale


  1. Mom and Baby


Ale goes into the cafe and looks around but sees ketchup that Trippy accidentally squirted onto Robo Star. She flips out because of it and flips the table. She steals Trippy's straw and impales his throat with it causing massive blood loss (although Trippy tries to drink it back). Ale then puts ketchup and mustard in Robo Star's ears and squeezes them causing him to suffocate. She then goes up to Cuddles (who was cooking burgers on the grill) and slams his face onto the grill causing the grease to get into his face. Mom and Baby walk up to the restaurant but get killed when the restaurant door falls on them in the explosion. Ale comes down and sees some fries. She dips one fry in Trippy's blood and eats it.


  1. According to the storyboards, Scratchy was originally going to be in this episode. He was killed by Ale when she hangs Scratchy on a coat rack causing Scratchy's skin to rip off. This idea was removed. Also in the storyboards, Superspeed was going to be in Cuddles' place cooking burgers on the grill and getting killed by Ale in the same way as Cuddles.

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