Not to be confused with Flippy's War Smoochie

Flippy's Battlefield Smoochie is a fan smoochie by deviantART user Yudhaikeledai.

Idle Animations

  • Flippy takes out a grenade, flips-out for a second, and tosses it in the air.
  • Flippy shoots the screen
  • Flippy takes a gun out, accidentally shoots it, and, embarrased, kicks it off-screen.


Bowie Knife

A bowie knife comes down to Flippy. He stabs a cardboard cut-out of a Tiger Soldier, but can't get it out. He tries to get it out with all his hope, and accidentally stabs himself, and dies of blood loss.

Flippy Smoochie 1

Don't play with knifes.

Booby Trap

A few electric objects used to set a booby trap comes down. Flippy tries pressing the button, but nothing happens. He tries resetting the curcuits, but it explodes, leaving only his brain, a burnt lower corpse, and his eyeballs.

Flippy Smoochie 2

Only use technology like he did if you are an electrician.


A few cardboard cut-outs of Tiger Soldiers appear in the background. He tells someone on his speaker to get them, and they are shot. Apparently, the plane starts shooting Flippy by mistake, and break him into pieces.

Flippy Smoochie 3

War planes must watch where they shoot, or they'll shoot their own allies.


  1. The title in the animation reads "Flippy's Battlefield Training Smoochie".
  2. It can be seen here.

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