Flippy shows off his war skills in his all new war smoochie!



Flippy stands and waves. A flamethrower comes down and he catches it, and he flips-out. He then throws the flamethrower, expecting it to hit someone, but it hits the wall and falls, and sets the room on fire. Flippy flips back, and starts screaming. He then faints.


Flippy stands still, and a cage falls on him. He keeps running around the cage, flips-out, flips back, continues to run around, and picks up part of the cage. Realizing it, he cheers and drops the cage, in which crushes him and splits him in half.


A knife comes down to Flippy. He almost flips-out, but stays still and throws it since he was once told not to play with knifes, but then it flies back from the other side, and goes into Flippy's chest. Flippy starts to flip-out, but automatically dies.


  • This is one of the two times Flippy is seen in war, in which he is also seen in war in "Operation: Tiger Bomb" from W.A.R. Journal.
  • Flippy flips-out in each part, but only sucessfully flips-out in the flamethrower segment.
  • Flippy is the only character who has no idle animations in his smoochie.

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