Flippy and Flaky in "Without A Hitch".

Flippy/Flaky is a coupling that promotes Flippy and Flaky are or should be a couple and is the most popular pairing in the entire fandom. It outnumbers every other pairing, even though it's not a canon couple yet, like Cuddles & Giggles or Handy & Petunia. In the canon episodes, there are only vague hints that they might like each other such as:
  • Flaky appears to be Flippy's closest friend.
  • She organizes his birthday party, proving that she knows personal dates about him, such as the day when he was born, implying that they are somewhat close.
  • In "Kitchen Kringle", as the camera shows the room, it can be seen a picture with Flippy, Flaky and Lumpy on the wall, which might strengthen the belief that they are good friends.

Flippy and Flaky as they appear in most anime styled fanart.

There are also strange instances when he kills everyone else, like in Party Animal, where there is a moment when he searches for other victims to kill and she is in plain sight, but he doesn't go to kill her, and, after killing the others, he comes back from his "flipped out" mode at the sound of her death. Later, in Double Whammy, Flaky's scream is the one that snaps him out of his "flipped out" mode, even though Giggles screams just like her, before that, but Flippy doesn't react to it.

These have led viewers to believe that he has romantic

Anime version of the end of the episode "Random Acts Of Silence".

feelings for Flaky.

Despite that they are good friends, Flaky developed a phobia of Flippy, in the later episodes, she got so scared of him that she resorts to stabbing him, when he wants to help her in Without A Hitch.

Perhaps one of the reasons this couple appeals to so many people is that they're complete opposites: Flaky is soft, fearful, and scared of everything while Flippy is a tough, adventurous, outgoing, and even psychotic in his flipped out state, which would make him her worst nightmare, adding to the darkness of the relationship.

Though not proven to be fact, but in some fanfiction it has been shown that Flippy's other half (Fliqpy) also has feelings for Flaky. To the point he will protect Flippy's existence to keep Flaky from being sad. In several fanfiction doujin drawn by Chamachama Fliqpy has been shown not only caring to to her, but also as a protector. One such doujin shows him cleaning her and staying buy her side after, scaring Flaky to the point she passes out. Another such doujin shows him saving her from Nutty, who was about to eat her because she was covered in honey, by screwing him with two metal rodes and turning him inside out. What's also lovingly notable about their relationship is that one doesn't want the other to cry. Flaky not wanting Flippy to cry about the pain and death he causes, because not matter what she will always by his side and he will never be alone. He stating if he has to cry she will cry with him. And Flippy not wanting Flaky to cry, but to brave. That she would never have to feel scared, or sad anymore because he will always be their to protect her, and that if she crys he will be there to catch her tears. Fliqpy even told her not to cry because he will always protect her, and the one she loves, his other self Flippy no matter what.


  1. Flaky needs a guardian. If Flippy controls himself...

    Flippy smiling gratefully at Flaky in "Party Animal".

  2. She's his closest friend, as seen from most episodes.
  3. They're complete opposites and opposites attract.
  4. Flaky may be the only character Flippy is lately able to remain same around.
  5. They help to make the other stronger.


  1. Flippy has a second self that might feel differently towards Flaky (good-cop VS. bad-cop).
  2. They're both mentally unstable.
  3. Flaky has developed a phobia of Flippy in the later episodes.
  4. Though Fliqpy does not try to kill her there are occasions where he leaves her traumatized.
  5. Fliqpy has proven to be a bit over protective of Flaky.

Songs considerable by fans


A couple cosplaying Flippy and Flaky.

  1. Buddy Holly by Weezer (lyrics, second verse, Flippy to Flaky; "Don't you ever fear / I'm always near / I know that you need help...").
  2. Love the Way you Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna (the song is about a strained/crazy/unthinkable/unpredictable relationship).
  3. Bring Me to Life by Evanescance (the singer wrote the song because of a (sort of) troubled mind, of which, Flippy & Flaky both have).
  4. Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy (lyrics, chourus, "Dance, Dance, / We're fallin' apart to half time. / Dance, Dance, / & these are the lives you love to lead. / Dance, this is the way they loved, / If they knew how misery loved me.)
  5. Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold.
  6. E.T by Katy Perry (lyrics, chorus, "You're not like the others, futuristic lover. Meaning that Flippy is different from others beacuse he "flips out", & how Flaky might be the only one that understands him.
  7. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. A dark song that is quite fit for Flippy and Flaky, especially concerning the physical aspect of their relationship.
  8. "Monster" by Skillet ( The seceret side of me, I never let you see, I keep it caged but I cant control it. so stay away from me, the beast is ugly, I feel the rage and I just cant hold it.) is like Flippy telling Flaky that he's too dangerous to be around because of Fliqpy (evil Flippy), but Flaky dosen't care.
  9. "A little piece of heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold. Because Flippy is so Dangerous that he can even hurt or kill Flaky.
  10. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson ("Will you love me? Even with my dark side?") The song fits the relationship between Flippy and Flaky. Flippy has a dark side and flips out when anything reminds him of war. But Flaky is strong and stays there for him.
  11. Monster by Lady Gaga ("He ate my heart (I love that girl) He ate my heart (Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)") A song about scary but alluring guys (Fliqpy) and a helpless girl (Flaky). '
  12. Love the Way you Lie by Rihanna ft. Eminem ("But you'll always be my hero, even though you've lost you're mind.")
  13. Chyna Girl by Sweetbox (As the lyrics suggest the two people want be together but one is fragile while the other is dangerous.)

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  • Flippy x Flaky a group on SocialHappyTreeFriends, dedicated to Flippy/Flaky.
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Flippy / Flaky is the most popular pairing in the entire fandom, greatly outnumbering every other pairing, canon or not canon. There were many instances when people actually admitted they loved the pairing without watching the show itself, most probably due to the numerous side-stories and fancomics that took over the entire fanwork. There are many fanarts and fanfiction dedicated to the pair on many websites, including international ones. The popularity has increased greatly in the last few years and it still continues to grow.


Some fans that do not like the pairing dismiss the hints that send to a potential romantic connection between the two. There have been cases when some of them complained that there are quite many rabid Flippy/Flaky fans who virtually attack those who do not ship the pairing. There is also criticism due to its perceived over-popularity, some of the critics sustaining that many fanworks involving it are cliche or fall into similar plotlines.

Despite all these, it still remains the most popular pairing in the fandom, taking over most fanwork that it's done for this show.


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