Fliqpy and Flippy in "Double Whammy".

Flippy/Fliqpy, also known as Flippy/Evil, is another popular Happy Tree Friends pairing that started after the canon episode, "Autopsy Turvy", came out. Many believe that Fliqpy wants to protect Flippy and that's why he takes over and kills the other Tree Friends. It is a very odd couple as Flippy and Fliqpy are the same person/share the same body, however some fans do know this and still like the couple anyways.


  • Fliqpy always kills everyone around him, but he never tries to kill Flippy, instead he just enjoys tormenting him and fighting him (though this could be a consequence of being in the same body- if the body dies, both will die).
  • In the episode "Hear Today, Gone Tommorow", Fliqpy sees Flippy riding a pony while trying to kill Lumpy. The sight makes him tear up, (as if he does not want to kill Good Flippy) and he does not continue his killing spree.
  • Fliqpy appears in a lot of Flippy's dreams.


  • Flippy is very afraid of his evil side and has tried to cure his other side many, many times.
  • Fliqpy seems to enjoy "playing rough" and likes tormenting Flippy.
  • Many haters point out that Fliqpy and Flippy are the same person. This is true, however, with how real the fight was to Flippy in "Autopsy Turvy/Double Whammy Part 2". It's not impossible to say that if he became more insane this "relationship" could seem just as real to him as well.

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