Not to be confused with other Flippy's Smoochies like Flippy's Battlefield Smoochie and Flippy's War Smoochie.

Flippy Smoochie is a fan smoochie created by deviantArt user zolrac3005. Much like other creations by him, it's no longer available, though few people still keep the smoochie's footage (usually in tribute videos).

Idle Animations

  • Flippy salutes while sitting.
  • Flippy looks up.



A toy box falls near Flippy. Feeling interested, Flippy opens the box, only for an acorn to pop out from the box, hitting his head. This causes him to flip out. Flippy then lets out his bowie knife and slashes the acorn with it. However, a little piece of the slashed acorn flies to his eye, causing him to scream in pain. The spring inside the toy box then impales Flippy's head. A lot of blood splatters the area.


Even Flippy can't mess with an acorn.


A ball (similar to the one in the episode Havin' A Ball) falls near Flippy. After some time, a grenade falls on him, causing Flippy to scream in panic. He then throws away the grenade to the left side of the screen. As he's feeling slightly relieved, the grenade comes from the other side of the screen, then explodes before Flippy can even do anything.


If you're careful with grenades, you won't end up like this.


Two razor objects fall near Flippy. A fork falls and gets stuck right on Flippy's head. As Flippy tries to pull the fork out, another razor object (a knife) hits Flippy's left arm. A butcher's knife then flies to his face, killing him.


  • The only option that shows flipped out Flippy is the "Toys" option. Oddly enough, he doesn't flip out in the other options despite showing a grenade and razor sharp objects, but he only flipped out in the first option because of an acorn.
  • Flippy screams like Toothy in the "Ball" option, where he screamed in panic.
  • Unlike other smoochies, Flippy's name has all of its letters capitalized. The same goes with Lumpy's Trick Smoochie and Russell's Fishing Smoochie. All three are created by the same person.

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