Flippy Veteran

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Flippy Veteran crying

Flippy Veteran is basically the half brother to Flippy, and looks as though he is  a twin to Flippy. He fought alongside Flippy in the war and perfers to
be called just, "Veteran". His actual last name is Veteran, and has a lot of traits Flippy has ,but also has quite a few


Veteran's history is to long to say. His first fiance was killed by his brother,so he is a troubled lover,he also believes he has a "clan" called The Veteran Clan,when in reality this is not true and is a thought generated by his paranoid mind. He is emo,as he cuts his wrist constantly,and also is very depressed,he has many offspring,many he never even met. His physical appearence is just like ordinary Flippy's...Veteran can also flip out,but it is rare for him to do so. He can also fight powerfully in his ordinary form. He served in the Tree Town Green Berets since he was born and killed his first Tiger Soldier at six. He was born and raised in the army and to this day serves proudly as a Captain in the Green Berets. He is also a skilled warrior and has defeated Fliqpy in hand to hand combat. His kills normally consist of Fliqpy and Ale ,as he sees them as disgraces. His allies normally consist of Splendid and on occastion Al Capone. He is skilled in martial arts and close quarter combat. He is also skilled in medium range firepower and always carries a M9 pistol around secretly for emergency situations he can't handle with his fist. He has crushes on Flaky ,Giggles ,and Flippy .Although he loves Splendid, Giggles and Flippy most of all. He is very antisocial and thinks since he killed in war he is a "murderer" and is shamed to be a soldier,although he also has pride to be a soldier. He is confused and strong and normally tries to get involved in situations. He also listens to rock and metal music.


Veterans daughter Ashley married a man named Austin Worth behind Veterans back,causing Veteran mild dementia and agressive depression. Veteran tried to shake it off but he couldn't. Whenever he is reminded his daughter and this man did this he tends to flip out agressively,and if not,he begins cutting himself violently. He has attempted to hire several hitmen to pop Austins head off,but would call off the hit before it happened. This is his latest depression. And he refuses to shake it off now.



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