Flowy or Flowy Bello[1] is a fan character.

Name Flowy
Gender Female
Interests Her house, caring for nature, her family.
Species Porcupine
Color Hazelnut Brown
Relatives Flaky (sister) Scissors (nephew) Flicky(niece)
Age 20
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Cuddles
Enemies/Rivals Lifty & Shifty
Flippy (evil side)
Love Interests Henry
Kill Count 7
Death Count 5
First Appearance Off The Hook (New Version)
First Victim Bowser (Off The Hook (New Version))
First Death Flippin' Burgers (Rex Version)

Character Bio

Flowy is a bashful, introverted porcupine who loves to take care of the enviroment. She's very awkward in social situations, so she usually stays inside at the warmth of her house. Her favourite place to visit is forests, because she doesn't usually run into people, and she can take care of the nature there. Flowy really wants to become a vet, but her inability to cope in social situations makes her unable to do so. When Flowy is uncomfortable or scared, she rolls up into a ball, which can cause others to impale themselves on her quills.


  1. Flippin' Burgers (Rex Version) - Killed when the burger place explodes
  2. Match of the Day - Dies in explosion.
  3. Smoochie 1: Chokes on peanut butter.
  4. Smoochie 2: Mauled by dogs.
  5. Smoochie 3: Splatters in a airplane.


  1. Match of the Day - Skinned while falling down chimney.


  1. Bowser - 1 ("Off The Hook (New Version")
  2. Buzzles - 1 ("To Fear or Not To Fear")
  3. Fireball - 1 ("To Fear or Not To Fear")
  4. Mime - 1 ("Tornado of Fates")
  5. Cuddles - 1 ("Tornado of Fates")
  6. Xana - 1 ("Tornado of Fates")
  7. Mr. Pickles - 1 ("Tornado of Fates")

Starring Roles

  1. Off The Hook (New Version)
  2. A Fresh Minty Feeling
  3. Scared in to Dust
  4. Roleplay? That's What! (Part 1)
  5. Roleplay? That's What! (Part 2)
  6. Flowy's Fear Smoochie

Featuring Roles

  1. To Fear or Not To Fear
  2. Out Of Sight Out Of Mime (My Version)
  3. Teeny Weeny Lemon Squeezy
  4. Fire vs Ice
  5. Just Dance!

Appearance Roles

  1. Flippin' Burgers (Rex Version)
  2. Match of the Day
  3. Tornado of Fates
  4. Snake Status


  • Flowy was first going to be named Flowers, but the name was never used on her.
  • She is the only brown porcupine that is a flaky-sue so far.


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