Gender: Female
Interest(s): Unknown
Species: Armadillo
Color: Brown
Relatives: Thunder
Age: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Unknown
Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Russell
Kill Count: {{{14}}}
Deaths: {{{15}}} {{{16}}}
First Appearance: {{{17}}}
First Victim: {{{18}}} {{{19}}}
First Death: {{{20}}}
Flur is a HTF fancharacter made by Flur-Child.

Character Bio

Flur is a young prehistoric brown armadillo with sea-green paint smudges on her face. Flur is from millions of years ago and has an older brother called Thunder. She lives peacefully now with all the other characters but sometimes her peace is ruined by her or her brother. She works happily as an achelogist, reviving the pieces of her forgotten past. Flur likes adventures and has a large collection of adventure maps and treasure maps inside her house, she mostly goes adventuring with Russell or her brother. Flur is a good friends to Russell, she spends more time with him than her brother, which somewhat makes them both best friends.

Flur's breed of armadillo appears to be unknown, unlike the other armadillo characters, Flur has no scales going down to her nose, just fur. Flur may be a extinct species of armadillo, she seems to be a mix of a cat and armadillo. Like Cro-Marmot, she and Thunder are both from prehistorical times, how Flur and Thunder still live without being sealed in ice, unless they were sealed in ice once but later thawed out. Flur lives with her brother in a cave-like burrow related to The Mole's house. Flur appears to be an skilled driver, she mostly uses a scooter somewhat like Nutty. Flur's deaths mostly contain her getting impaled or being screwed up by her shell. Flur seems to be one of the few characters to have something to protect them, Flur sometimes rolls up into a ball to hide if she is in fear, but unfortunately, when she does this she gets crushed inside, suffocates or gets cut by her own scales, Flur seems to be one of the many characters that mostly brings pain to themselves.

Flur's Episodes

Famous Deaths

  • Cold as 'ice'
  • Double Act

Starring Roles

  • Like brother, Like sister
  • Cold as 'ice'
  • Flur's Exploring Smoochie

Featuring Roles

  • Double Act

Occupations and Careers

  1. Former Tribal Citizen - (Almost every episode she is in.)
  2. Explorer - Cold as 'ice', Flur's Exploring Smoochie.



  1. Cold as 'ice': Impaled through the heart by a sharp rock.
  2. Double Act: Crushed inside shell by being crushed by several characters.
  3. Flur's Exploring Smoochie - Torch: Flesh ripped off by bats.
  4. Flur's Exploring Smoochie - Hammer & Chisel: Impaled through the mouth by a speeding rock.
  5. Flur's Exploring Smoochie - Map: Enters a cave containing a giant squid and gets slammed about to death.


  1. Cold as 'ice': Charred by fire.

Number Of Kills

  • Cuddles - Like Brother, Like Sister
  • Giggles - Like Brother, Like Sister
  • Lumpy - Like Brother, Like Sister
  • Sniffles - Like Brother, Like Sister
  • Russell - Like Brother, Like Sister
  • Thunder - Like Brother, Like Sister

Love Interests

  • Russell - Cold as 'ice' (debatable)


  • Flur may have been based of Tikal the echinda from the sonic games and Shea from the harvest moon games.
  • She is one of the few characters to kill many in their debut episodes.
  • Though she is named Flur for Flur-Child, it does not resemble Flur-Child.
  • She appears to be former native.
  • Though she is an armadillo, she does not have scales on her face, this goes for her brother Thunder too.
  • She is the third character to have siblings that stick together a lot, the others being Lifty & Shifty and Ahmyst and Coal.
  • She is one of the few characters to have the colour of a normal animal. (excluding her aqua-coloured face paint)

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