Ok first off, i'd like to give credit to my geography teacher, Mr Bowerman for giving me this idea for an episode.Also, I have a new fan-character coming up named Wimpy.He is a blue Chipmunk that loves high-flying!In this episode, Handy the Beaver and Wimpy the Chipmunk go to an in-producting sky diving buliding.

Wimpy and Handy have an idea of going on a sky diving building.It is mostly Wimpy's idea, becauss he is bored.At the top of a building, Handy and Wimpy are standing their looking down.Their are thousands and millions of people at the bottom.Wimpy has an idea and says "Lets deminstrate!Im going to jump down and bounce back up!You, Handy, Are going to catch me!".Handy doesnt have hands, so he thinks its a terrible idea, but, Handy decides not to say its terrible and continues.While Wimpy gets ready and straps on the gear, he looks at Handy and Grins, and he jumps off the building.Handy watches him fall and later Wimpy bounces back up.When Wimpy comes up, he has cuts all over him and some bruises.Handy tries to catch him but fails.Wimpy once again falls off the building and Bounces back up.He has more bruises and is beat up entirely.He has bleeding all over him.Handy tries to Catch him but once again fails, and Wimpy falls to the bottom.He bounces back up and the string finally stops bouncing.When Wimpy darts up, there is blood flying through the sky.Handy sees Wimpy strapped to the now-still string.Wimpy was so beat up he was dead.Handy stares at the corpse for a few minutes and their is yelling and cheering from the bottom.Handy sees all the thousands of people their with baseball bats yelling "WHERE'D THE PINATA GO!?".Handy realizes that they were on a tall buliding in Mexico.

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