For Weather or Worse is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Trippy
  • Robo Star

Featuring Roles

  • Britton
  • Beth S .Alt
  • Superspeed
  • Al Capone
  • Cuddles
  • Lammy
  • Giggles
  • Yin


  • Buck and Chuck
  • Mime
  • Petunia


The Happy Tree Friends are in the park. Cuddles and Al Capone are playing soccer. Lammy, Giggles, Yin and Petunia are on a jungle gym. Mime, Buck, and Chuck are on the merry go round with Superspeed spinning them, while Trippy, Robo Star, Beth, and Britton are eating at a picnic table. Britton then has to go to the bathroom after eating to many prunes so he rushes into a port-o-potty. Suddenly a storm rolls in and a mini twister appears and heads towards the merry go round. Mime, Buck, and Superspeed escape, but Chuck is torn apart by the twister, along with the merry go round. Suddenly, the bars from the merry go round launch out and fly into Buck and Mime and one also hits the port-o-potty Britton is in, killing all three. The twister suddenly stops, but then a large hail falls and Superspeed is crushed, but the others live by hiding under things. Soon, the twister reappears and launches the hail, decapitating Cuddles and Al Capone. The hail also rams into the jungle gym, making it fall, crushing Lammy and Giggles and causing Yin and Petuina to get impaled by poles. The twister then picks up the jungle gym and launches metal. A large bar hits Beth, tearing her head off, and two smaller ones hit Robo Star in the chest. After that, the carnage ends. Trippy looks around in relief, only to suddenly be crushed by the roof of the picnic area.

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