Four the Record
Flippy sells fudges,
but Splendid makes him flip out.
Internet Season: 4
Episode Number: 4
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Previous Episode Lumpy Claus Is Coming To Town!
Next Episode Litters of Love

"Four the Record" is an episode of the internet series.


The screen reads "Months before Double Whammy".

Flippy then walks on a street with fudges (for selling). He goes to Splendid's house and knocks on the door. Splendid answers. Flippy then asks him if he wants fudges. Splendid then marvels at Flippy about him being a veteran, asking him to come in.

Splendid shows Flippy his house, and comes across a sword, used by Splendid sometimes to fight bad guys. This makes Flippy flip-out. He looks at a fake bomb Splendid made for public seeing, and somehow manages to start it up. Splendid then gasps. He starts to get mad, but suddenly the bomb explodes.

Splendid, now on the ground gets up and is dizzy, but then looks at his skinned hands. He goes over to Flippy and asks if he is okay. Flippy then explains to him about what just happened, but after he is done, he sees that both of his legs were cut off.

A few days later, Splendid is seen with casts where his arms are and Flippy has casts where his feet should be and is in a wheelchair. Flippy then says sorry. The two hug (Splendid having a little trouble). Meanwhile, in Splendid's pocket, there is a set-off bomb he doesn't notice. The bomb then explodes after the closing iris.


  • Splendid and Flippy probably die when Splendid's bomb explodes.


  • Splendid's arms are skinned.
  • Flippy's legs are cut off.


  • Just before Splendid can't be seen (the closing iris covers him), he gives Handy's signature scowl.
  • This is one of the few episodes without any goofs/errors.
  • This is the only time Splendid's been aware of Flippy's alter ego in an episode. Although he was aware of it in the Overkill Box Set.
  • Clear english is heard throughout the episode.
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