Name Freddy
Gender Male
Interests Killing (sometimes)
Species Fox
Color Light Pink
Relatives Aiko (daughter)
Age Unknown
Size Medium (but sightly bigger than Carrie)
Friends/Allies Jason Voorhees, Wolfle, Tulip, Sly, CJ, Carrie, Wolfle's Children, Grumpy Cat
Enemies/Rivals Flippy, Wolfle's Children (sometimes)
Love Interests Carrie
Kill Count 1
Death Count 5
First Appearance In Your Dreams
First Victim Daydream (In Your Dreams)
First Death In Your Dreams

Freddy Krueger is the killer in the Nightmare on Elm Street series of the movies.


  • He and Jason Voorhees may have nosebleeding as they react when they saw the girls being undressed or wearing bikini suits just like the other male characters from most anime series. (As well in the RP, they have sometimes had a fear of women/girls)
  • His goofs may oftenly involve of his hat or whiskers.
  • Many dA users say that the HTF version of Freddy Krueger should be a cat (due of his furry whiskers that may appear on his lower cheeks) but in this Fanon wiki, Freddy's HTF version is a fox. As well, Samanthatheflyingsquirrel25 doesn't want to let Freddy's species will currently unknown.
  • When he doesn't wear his hat, he has a messy hair.
  • There are many errors that his whiskers are missing, mostly in Shadow887's episodes.
  • In Shadow887's episodes, He and Jason may sometimes kill each other accidently.


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