Friends on the Barby is the eighth episode of Aussie Outback Friends.

This would look so tasty were it not so sinister...






Platto roasts some food at his backyard barbecue. Joey, Hairy, Prickles, and Tazzy arrive for lunch. Platto roasts some hotdogs and hamburgers for Joey, Hairy and Prickles. He then puts two burger patties on the grill, one being a veggie burger. After turning off the grill, he puts them on buns and gives one of them to Tazzy, eating the other one. Platto realizes he has no ketchup and runs out to get some.

Tazzy takes a bite out of his burger, but spits it out realizing that Platto had given him the veggie burger. Tazzy quickly snaps and looks at Hairy. He grabs a spatula and slices it into Hairy's head. He runs away in fear, but Tazzy grabs his legs and pulls him back in. The impales Hairy to Prickles' quills and pulls him off, skinning Prickles. Joey decides to hide in the barbecue, but Tazzy then sets the grill power to high, burning him alive.

On the other side of the fence, Platto walks with a bottle of ketchup. He gets delighted by smelling the scent of roasting meat on the other side. It is shown that Tazzy is barbecuing Joey, Hairy, and Prickles' body parts on the grill. As he eats, he picks his teeth with Prickles' quills.


"If you can't take the heat, stick with ice cream!"


  1. Hairy is impaled by Prickles' quills.
  2. Prickles' skin is ripped off.
  3. Joey is burned to death.


  • The title makes a reference to Shrimp on the Barby, a popular quote that originated from a series of Australian advertisements.
  • Stripes can be briefly seen peeping over the fence when Tazzy barbecues Joey alive.
  • The first time Tazzy kills Prickles.

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