Name: Fruity
Gender: Male
Animal: Chameleon
Color: Multi-Coloured
Relatives: None
Episode Count: 23
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 1
Kill Count: 36
Deaths: 22 3 in Kringles
19 in Internet Shorts
First Appearance: Desert Dessert
First Victim: Flippy Desert Dessert
First Death: Bad Hare Day

Fruity is a Chameleon who is a character of fanon HTF.

Character Bio

Like many chameleons, Fruity has the ability to change color. Hence his name, he will change color when he eats a certain fruit (he turns into the colour of the fruit he has just eaten). If he eats strawberries, he turns red. If he eats blueberries, he turns blue. If he eats know. Fruity loves fruit, and he also uses his ability for camoflauge. He is the world champion of the Hide-and-Seek Tournament, for very obvious reasons.

Some of Fruity's many disguises.

Fruity is also the master of disguise. He frequently uses his disguises on missions or when he has to hide. He can also shapeshift, meaning he can change his form to look like other characters.

Fruity has a love interest with Cheeks, as seen in the episode Air Head. He is the only character to be injured in order to save another character. He even continued to save Cheeks (only to accidentally kill her immediately afterwards) and hug her.

Fruity is very kind, and will go to extreme measures to protect his friends. So far, he has had one kill. This kill was accidental, and it was because he hugged Cheeks after saving her, causing her head to burst.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


Cheeks - 1 (Air Head)


  1. Fates Around The World - Eaten by guard dogs.
  2. Werewolf Are You Going? - Eyes impaled and pulled out.


  1. He is the first character to risk his life in order to save another.

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