Gender: Female
Interest(s): Playing Princess, Sugar, Sweets
Species: Rabbit/Hare
Color: Pink
Relatives: Cuddles (Cousin)
Age: ???
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Trippy Ziggles Xinx Hoppy Puffy Guddles
Enemies/Rivals: Ziggles Ava Flippy
Love Interest(s): Puffy
Kill Count:
Deaths: 7 (5 from regular episodes)
(1 from HTF Break)
(1 Additional)
First Appearance: Better Early Than Ever
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: Better Early Than Ever

Character Bio

Fuddles is a pink rabbit. Fuddles is a character full of many mysteries. That's why people wonder about Fuddles. She wears a crown and likes pretending to be a princess. She has a crush on Puffy.

Fuddles' Episodes

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Better Early Than Ever - Cut by paper.
  2. Brain Freezy - Faints and dies.
  3. Need A Bath? - Ran over by Flicky's car.
  4. Muddling with the 'Uddles - Killed by glass bottle.
  5. The Frog Prince...Guy - Collides into rock.
  6. We Rule More Than You - Crushed by a fort.
  7. Face Closed - Decapitated by Lustly prior to episode.
  8. Heating Heart - Crushed by the electric fireplace.


  • In fan version episodes, she takes place of Cuddles.
  • There was a  rejected canon character named Princess, who looked like her.


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