Jen-Jen has bad Dreams about clowns and just keep on remembing it and scare on the way to school after day Cuddles has a water fight with Lumpy and a strange earthquake but its was no earthquake it was all the rides appearing around them and the voice was looking werid it was Pop and he gots clowns Jen-Jen's worst rivals she stay at the house and Sir Emily seems looking good but she needs balloons for the fair. Lifty and Shifty has hiding in a bush and then saw and said too many friends and she asked Pop to get some balloons instend of getting balloons he turns Cuddles, Petunia, Lifty, Flaky and Disco Bear into balloons. Meanwhile Ginny and Homer was walking until sawing a giant large version of Cub he was smashing things up and mess up. During so Pop turns Annie into a jack in box Lumpy into a bat Toadette into a cake and Giggles into a Dog but no-ones ever seen pop doing that. Cuddles, Petunia, lifty, Flaky and Disco Bear flys away in the sky and then a plane it was sir Emily more soon


Ginny Gets Stomped by Cub

Flaky and Lifty get killed by Pop

Handy gets killed by tons of Blades

Mime Gets Stomped by Pop

The Mole and Shifty falls down a cliff

Jen-Jen gets attacked by a scary clown


This is Petuina's first transformation.

Russell was seen on a bill board saying eat Chicken Otter now!

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