Watch Fungus litter to death in this filthy smoochie!

Fungus' first idle animation.

Idle animations

  • Fungus waves.
  • Fungus crinkles a piece of paper and throws it away.



A six-ring pack falls down to Fungus. Fungus thinks of it as a necklace and tries to put it on around his neck, but chokes on it. He tries to pull it off numerous times as his face gets more purple. Suddenly, his head explodes.

Fungus Smoochie

Make sure you know what you are putting on.

Trash Sleep

A trash can appears next to Fungus and he climbs in it and falls asleep. Lumpy's hand comes out from the side of the screen and drops numerous amounts of trash into the trash can. The trash can falls over and the trash comes out, along with Fungus' dead body that has been impaled by several pieces of trash.

Trash sleep

Watch where you sleep.


Fungus gets a drink out of his pocket, drinks it, and throws the can, where it hits the side of the screen and lands on the ground. He does this with numerous more really quickly, piling the cans into a mountain. He chokes on the drinks and runs out of air because of the pile of cans falling on top of him and filling the screen, also crushing him.


This seems very unCANny!


  • In "Trash Sleep", Fungus is impaled by scissors, several shards of glass from a bottle, and a picture frame (for comedic effect).
  • Lumpy and The Mole make cameo appearances in "Trash Sleep". Lumpy's hand is seen putting things in the trash can, and The Mole appears in a picture frame impaled to Fungus' eye.

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