Gender: Male
Interest(s): Chatting, Video Games
Species: Raccoon
Color: Yellow
Relatives: Lifty & Shifty (cousins)
Age: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Friends/Allies: Hippy
Enemies/Rivals: Lifty
Love Interest(s): None
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 2 All from Regular episodes
First Appearance: Stay A-Drive
First Victim: Lifty & Shifty From Stay A-Drive
First Death: Stay A-Drive
Fuzzy is a main character.

Character Bio

Fuzzy is a cousin of Lifty & Shifty. Unlike them, Fuzzy usually likes to chat with people and play video games rather than stealing. Due to this, Fuzzy usually hates them, yet Lifty & Shifty usually try to steal his stuff because of so. Whenever they try to steal his stuff, Fuzzy intentionally kills them.

Fuzzy isn't like Flippy because of so, since he doesn't flip-out because of a memory, yet just gets mad because Lifty & Shifty are stealing his stuff.

Fuzzy's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Stay A-Drive

Featuring Rolee


  1. Escalator Haters
  2. I've Gotta Bandit to You
  3. The Re-tail Store
  4. MoneyBat



Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Stay A-Drive: Run over by Disco Bear and Toothy.
  2. Play, what's going on?: Impaled by bed springs.
  3. Escalator Haters: Sucked into an escalator.
  4. Wingless Misery: Chokes to death.

Number of Kills


  1. He was made by Clamshot the same day as Whiskers.
  2. In I've Gotta Bandit to You, he owned a bank, which was robbed by Lifty and Shifty.
  3. The name Fuzzy is also Cub's prototype name.

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