"Gangsters and Aliens" is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Al Capone
  • Platypus Aliens


  • Superspeed


The story takes place in 1925. Al Capone is sleeping. He is disturbed when he sees 3 platypus aliens littering his mansion in order to use it as a base. Thinking they were annoying him, Capone pulls out his Tommy Gun and fires, killing 2 of the aliens, while the other runs from Capone, eventually catching up to him and beating him to death. Capone sees another alien and charges at him. The platypus alien tries to use Superspeed as a meat shield. Capone's tommy gun, however, is still strong enough to pierce and kill Superspeed and the other alien as well. He encounters the leader who attacks with his lazer gun. Capone dodges and dodges until he gets close enough to tackle the leader and push him into a nearby construction pit. Capone walks away in order to go back to bed.


1. 3 Platypus Aliens are shot by Al Capone.

2. Superspeed and a Platypus Alien are shot by Al Capone.

3. The platypus leader is pushed into a pit.


  • So far, this is the only episode Al Capone survived.

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