275px-Generic Tree Friends

Generic Tree Friends in "Wheelin' and Dealin'"

The Generic Tree Friends are canon characters that appear throughout the series. They aren't main characters, but are more of background characters.



Character Bio

Generic Tree Friends may take on many personalities, especially because a Generic Tree Friend can be a minion, a ninja, etc.







  1. Burning Bridges
  2. I Thaw That Coming
  3. Move it or Luge it!
  4. Puffing Paint
  5. Thundering about You
  6. The Little World of a Lion
  7. Finger Sliced
  8. Ariel Life
  9. Electri-Frying
  10. The Bat in The Hat


  1. Burning Bridges: Die when the bridge collapses.
  2. Puffing Paint: Seen dead when Grunts murders Pierce, RoboStar and Superspeed.
  3. I Thaw That Coming: May have been killed by Grunts off-screen (debatable_
  4. Thundering about You: Numerous die from smoke inhalation.
  5. Finger Sliced: Swëder executed The kidnapper by using a knife.
  6. Ariel Life: Thousands die from a meteorite.

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