Lunch money
Pierce is about to learn the meaning of Karma.
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 11
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
The Mole
Mr. Pickels
Previous Episode Shake your Hips
Next Episode I have a boney feeling

  " Gimmy My Lunch Money" is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends and it is the eleventh episode of Season One.


At Happy Tree High, the students gather in the cafeteria for lunch time. The Mole cooks some dishes for the hungry lined-up customers to eat. However, Pierce barges in for the taking. He cuts in front of the line by poking Rip and Torn with his quills. Nutty orders a big lollipop, but Pierce takes it and eats it. Pierce selects his order, but finds out he has no money. He turns around and makes everyone give him their lunch money. Sniffles, watching the scene, decides that he must do something.

The HTFs line up and give Pierce their money. He gives Russell a wedgie since he was wearing pants. He laughs, but then sees Sniffles trying to walk away. Pierce stops Sniffles in his tracks, then sees his wallet with a several bills coming out of it. Pierce proceeds to grab one bill, when his fingers are suddenly clamped on by a mousetrap that Sniffles cleverly hid in his wallet.

Pierce screams in pain and stumbles into the pile of lunch money. The bills have now given him paper cuts and a coin slices into his tongue. His arm lands on the counter, and The Mole cuts off his hand and chops it up several times with a knife. He then gets a grinder and grinds up Pierce's arm, dragging his whole body into the grinder. Pierce's flesh is then put into a taco. Superspeed orders the taco and takes a bite out of it, only to get the inside his mouth impaled by Pierce's quills.

The crowd cheers for Sniffles for saving the day. Bubbles then walks up to him, asking to borrow some lunch money. Sniffles tries to pick out a bill in his wallet, but forgets all the other mousetraps he put inside it. As a result, his fingers are clamped by a mousetrap, causing him to scream and throw his wallet into the air. The other moustraps fall out of the wallet and rip Sniffles apart.


"What goes around comes around!"


  1. Pierce is grinded to death.
  2. Sniffles is torn apart by his mousetraps.


  1. Superspeed's mouth is impaled by Pierce's quills.


  • This is Pierce, Nutty, Lammy, Mr. Pickles and Bubbles' first appearance and Pierce's first death.
  • Lammy and Mr. Pickles make a cameo at the beginning of the episode. They sit on a table eating a sandwich with a pickle on a toothpick (as a hint of irony).
  • This is one of the few times where the starring characters die but the featuring and appearing characters survive.
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