Glide and go Seek is the sixth episode of Aussie Outback Friends. This episode introduces Glider, the superhero sugar glider with taste for sugary tree sap.

Glider saves Kuddly... for now...


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



It is a hot day in the outback, and Glider checks his fridge for something to enjoy. He pulls out a popsicle and prepares to eat it. However, he is interrupted by a cry for help. Glider flies through the air to save the day.

The outback is so hot, that it has caused a bushfire. Glider spots Kuddly on a burning tree and swoops for the save. He quickly swipes Kuddly from the tree and out of danger. He puts her down and goes to put out the fire. He holds his breath and blows the fire. He runs out of air and pants. Then he sees one undamaged tree with sap flowing out. Glider licks the sap and feels fully energized, so he blows again.

Unfortunately, Glider blew too hard and spreaded the fire, burning the entire forest. Joey is seen hopping along, when he is set aflame. Glider tries to help him, so he flies off to look for something to put out the fire. He pulls out a mountain from the ground and then flies to the lake. He uses the underside of the mountain as a cup and scoops up all the water in the lake, as well as Platto by accident.

Glider flies back to the burning forest and sees Joey crying for help. Glider pours the water onto the forest, setting off the fire. However, he has now flooded the land and drowned Kuddly and Joey. As Glider flies back to his home, Platto is shown to have survived. He cheers about his fun "ride", but is then smashed by the mountain.

Glider returns home to find out that his popsicle has melted. He frowns in dissapointment, but then sees a beehive dripping with honey. Glider pulls out a straw and prepares to enjoy a sweet meal.


"Fight fire with fire!"


  1. Joey either drowns or is burned to death.
  2. Kuddly drowns.
  3. The mountain crumbles on top of Platto.


  • This is Glider's debut episode.
  • Stripes makes a cameo appearance behind a tree when Joey cries for help.

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