Graves is an HTFF Character


Character Bio

Graves is a gray rabbit who is a gravedigger. Graves always has mud and dirt on him. Graves has 2 siblings, a sister named Sweet and a brother named Doc.

Graves is much more antisocial then his siblings, and will only hang around them and a few others like Bastion or Cryptie. He also prefers to be outside when it's dark and likes it even more if its stormy out. When he isn't busy doing he job, he likes to play around in the mud or even hunt for supernatural creatures.

Despite his job and interests, Graves also seems to be terrified of zombies, and well run in fear from anything that even loosely resembles one, even characters who are just badly hurt and in need of help.


Starring Roles

Featuring roles


Kill count

  • Lifty: 1 ("Grave Danger")
  • Emojie : 1 ("This is It" along with Morton)
  • Walter: 1 ("Glowing By Myself")
  • Others: 1+ (Two zombies in "Grave Danger")


  1. Mall for One: Skull gets cracked.
  2. Grave Error: Buried alive (confirmed he died after episode).
  3. Sugar and Slice: Face is fried.
  4. Pressing Matters: Brain is smashed.
  5. From Dusk Till Dawn: Head is smashed.
  6. Triple Threat: Killed in an explosion.
  7. Grave Danger: Run over by Cryptie.
  8. Crypt-o-night: Top half of head cut of by a shovel head.
  9. Falling to Peices: Falls down an open grave and breaks his spine.
  10. Specialist Trios: Ran over by a trailer.
  11. Six Foot Blunder: Impaled by pipe.
  12. Vamped Up: Falls down an open grave.
  13. Caught on Camera: Killed by Fliqpy. (off-screen)
  14. Cloak and Digger: Crushed by a box.
  15. This is It: Crushed by a coffin.
  16. Glowing By Myself: Died inside explosion.


  1. Hare Heir: Falls down some stairs.
  2. vamped Up: Staked in the back.


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