Gutsy performs some dangerous stunts for the crowd. Let's hope they brought their barf bags.

Idle Animations

  • Gutsy makes a V sign with his fingers and says "Yeah".
  • Gutsy makes a kick flip with his skateboard.

Smoochie options


A ramp appears on the screen, and Gutsy brings out his skateboard. He skates on the ramp and makes several skateboard tricks. He makes a kick flip in the air, but falls in the middle of the ramp, unable to move as his horns got stuck on the ramp. The skateboard falls and splits Gutsy vertically in half.


I'm already skate-bored with this one!


Gutsy's motorcycle appears and he jumps on it. He makes a motor sound and then rides it. He drives up the side of the screen but falls off because he forgot to put on his seat belt. The motorcycle goes in a cycle, moving around all sides of the screen and running Gutsy over. When the motorcycle finally runs out of gas, Gutsy is almost nothing but red mush.


Someone got driven up the wall!


Gutsy prepares to blast himself over a pool of water and through a firey hoop. He jumps into a cannon and it fires him off. However, he hits the side of the screen and falls, knocking over the flaming hoop. Gutsy is set aflame and jumps into the pool of water to cool off. Unfortunately, he forgot that the pool was filled with piranhas, and is torn to pieces.


I hope Gutsy has life insurance!

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