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A fanmade character that was made using HTF Digiter.

Example Character

Typical HTF Digiter character.

Zolrac's HTF Digiter is a doll-maker type of tool. It's generally used for creating characters. The secondary use of this tool is easy-creating art.

Editor modes

  1. Full Project (on it it says Full Proyect): Allows you to create characters, as well as adding objects and a background.
  2. Only A Character: Allows you to create your own HTF character from scratch with the help of provided body parts and accessories.
  3. Only A DT: This comes with a set of four base characters, each having a different pose. In short, it's more like the base for HTF character creation.
  4. BG Editor: You can edit a background by adding objects. You can select different kinds of backgrounds provided by the program.


These panels can be seen during your project.

  • Library: Contains the necessary body parts and accessories for character creation. Backgrounds and other objects can be found there too.
  • Color in use: You can choose colors here.
  • Offset color RGB edit: Adjusts the color your using via RGB method.
  • Properties: You can rotate an object and adjust an object's size and position (those menus don't seem to work). You can also switch between editors, only for you to start over.
  • Notes: It only shows text. You can put your own note there.
  • External library: You can import sprites from a different library outside the program. It must be in DH format, though.
  • Old tools: Basic tools, which are:
    1. Erase tool: Removes an object from the workspace.
    2. Mirror tool: Flips an object horizontally.
    3. Rotate tool: Allows you to rotate an object.
    4. Explorer tool
    5. Two color tools (both names are covered): The first one brings out the RGB edit panel, while the second one allows you to color in.
  • Panels: Brings out other panels. The menus are:
    1. Color in use panel: Brings out the Color In Use panel.
    2. Clock panel: Shows the clock.
    3. Keyboard panel: Shows a list of keyboard shortcuts.
    4. Notes panel: Shows the Notes panel.
    5. Character panel: Makes Fran, the character shown during the loading screen and before you start your project, appear. You can drag him around.
    6. Properties panel: Brings out the Properties panel.
  • Trash bin: You can remove an object from the workspace by dragging it into the trash bin.


  • This program contains many grammatical errors.
  • Many people have criticized this program for limiting the artist's creativity on creating HTF fan characters, due to its limited body parts and accessories.

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