Hairy is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.
Hairy redesign

Character Bio

Hairy is a brown wombat. He is friends with Joey. While Joey is very active and enjoys playing sports, Hairy is the opposite: he is frequently seen sleeping and eating, and he is somewhat overweight (similar to Disco Bear). Despite his lazy nature, he may occasionally join Joey when playing sports, depending on whether or not he is in the mood.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


Outside AOF


  1. What Goes Around - Sliced in half by a boomerang
  2. Speak of the Tasmanian Devil - his body is squished into a can
  3. Little Problem - Crushed by Prickles and impaled by his quills.
  4. Itching to Know - His eye melts from shampoo.
  5. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya - Collides with a tree, breaking his back.
  6. Friends on the Barby - Impaled by Prickles' quills.
  7. Once Bitten - Dies from eating a flower.
  8. Doom-a-rang - Sliced apart by boomerangs and killed in explosion.
  9. Drop Bear Necessities - Mauled by a drop bear.
  10. I've Machine That Before - Dies in machine explosion.
  11. Out of Outback - Eaten by killer fish.
  12. A Safari The Eye Can See - Split in half.
  13. Drought and About - Shrivels like a raisin and dies from dehydration.
  14. Mind The Surf - Drowned by a tidal wave.
  15. Lyre, Lyre - Burnt by volcano.
  16. Cold Blooded - Smashed into by a wagon.


  1. Itching to Know - His eye itches from a flea.
  2. Friends on the Barby - Impaled by a spatula.
  3. Once Bitten: Attacked by poisonous spiders.



Original design.

  • He is the first victim of Prickles and Scratches.
  • He would later be redesigned with a chubbier appearance. 

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