Handy's Carpentry Smoochie is a fan-made smoochie by deviantART user Yudhaikeledai.

Idle Animations

  • Handy's hat lifts up into the air. Handy says "Nope." with an angry expression on his face and his neck extends to get it and he gets down.
  • Handy waves.



A few paint buckets come to Handy. Handy tries to get them, but has no hands and growls. He gets an idea, and he walks off-screen and gets a TNT box. He sets it, and it explodes, leaving only the lower half of his corpse and his brain.

Handy Smoochie 1

Handy should of realized not to play with a TNT box.


A carver comes down to Handy, who uses his mouth, but pushes it so hard it goes fastly off-screen and starts chasing him on-screen and off-screen. Soon, the carver goes against the walls of the screen, causing Handy to split in half when he gets across the screen.

Handy Smoochie 2

Watch the carver, or you'll get split in half! Spoke too soon.


A corkscrew comes down to Handy. He uses it on a few boards with his mouth, but the bottom board just spins. Cuddles comes by and nails the boards for him. Handy lifts the corkscrew onto the board with talepathy & tries again. but his whole body is lifted in the air and he spins around until he flies off screen and hits Cuddles, and they are both killed.

Handy Smoochie 3

This is why you should never put two characters in a smoochie.


  • It can be seen here.
  • In "Colour", when Handy gets an idea, a lightbulb appears, and for comedic purposes, Handy uses his mouth to turn the lightbulb off.
  • This is the only smoochie with more than one death in one of the options.

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