Hang Out is a fan episode.





The episode starts off with Lammy walking at the park, then she sees Jinx and Butterfly sitting on a bench. Suddenly, a Generic Tree Friend stepped on Jinx's toe, causing her to cry. A thunderstorm comes and electrocuted Lammy, killing her. Butterfly runs for her life as the thunder cloud begins to chase her around the park, killing several tree friends in the process. She runs and runs untill she reached the factory, then she runs over to a machinery and gets stuck in the chamber. Meanwhile, Lumpy turns the machinery on, slicing Butterfly into pieces. Jinx, on the other hand, stopped crying and noticed that Butterfly is gone then sees Lammy's corspe. She then starts to scream, making the park explode.


1. Butterfly is sliced into pieces by the machine.

2. Lammy is electrocuted by Jinx's thunder cloud.

3. Many Generic Tree Friends are caught in Jinx's explosion.

4. Jinx is caught in her own explosion.

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