Here is a list of smilies you can use to express feelings or emotions that you have while communicating with other Wikians, whether it be by blog comment or talk page! Just type in the specified code to add the smiley into your message! If you have your own smiley to add, feel free to add it in to the list for Wikians to use, but make sure its appropriate and family friendly with the community. Some smileys are by the Onion Club. Others are found on deviantART*. Keep checking back for more great smilies! We'll keep adding them as they come! deviantART has some adult content, viewer discretion is advised.


Smilies Template
Template:Freakycat {{freakycat}}
Template:Awesome {{awesome}}
Template:Serious {{serious}}
Template:Durrhurr {{durrhurr}}
Template:Angry {{angry}}
Template:Fweeheehee {{fweeheehee}}
Template:Rawr {{rawr}}
Template:Ohnoes {{ohnoes}}
Template:Ohnose {{ohnose}}
Template:Tooawesome {{tooawesome}}
Template:Notawesome {{notawesome}}
Template:No {{no}}

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