Have A Rice Day is a fan episode.

Starring Roles


The episode starts with Jinx carrying a load of rice. Butterfly arrives to help her, but Jinx left her flower in her room, so she goes back into the house to get it. Butterfly, who is carrying the sacks of rice, noticed that Jinx was gone. Meanwhile, Jinx found her flower and goes back into carrying the rice. Lumpy arrives and tries to help them carry rice. Butterfly puts sandwiches for the break and told them that the sandwiches are only for breaks. But due to Lumpy's stupidity he drops the rice and goes to get the sandwich. Jinx begins to get angry, while Lumpy was the only one near Jinx (Butterfly was cooking). Lumpy begins to have a bad luck. The sandwich that Butterfly made becomes a knuckle sandwich, which punches Lumpy, ripping his skin off. Then out of nowhere, a piano drops on him. Meanwhile, Butterfly approaches an angry Jinx. She then begins to have a bad luck. The rubber snake (Lumpy's toy) that was nearby becomes a real snake, which devours her.


1. Lumpy gets killed by a knuckle sandwich.

2. Butterfly is eaten by a snake.

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