Mom and Baby are playing catch when Mom accidentally throws the ball too high, causing it to fly over a busy street. Baby wants Mom to go across the street to get it. Mom nervously laughs and crossed. She is randomly ran over by a bunch of cars. When she finally makes it and gets the ball, a helicopter flys over with Superspeed in a bed hanging from it. It hits Mom in the head. She falls over a nearby cliff and panics when she sees Robo Star at the bottom. She smashes into Robo Star, killing him. Mom managed to surivive, however, only for the bed with Superspeed was to fall and crush her. The bed had a now dead Superspeed and an alive Baby. Baby hops off and gets the ball. Later Trippy, who was driving the helicopter comes flying down and explodes on them. Chunks of rock fly everywhere and crush Rose, Spook, and Lumpy.


  • Robo Star dies when Mom falls on him.
  • Superspeed dies when he falls off the helicopter.
  • Mom is crushed by the bed Superspeed was in.
  • Trippy and Baby die in the explosion.
  • Rose, Spook, and Lumpy are crushed by rocks.

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