Mom and Baby have a game of catch...or isn't it called the "Throw-the-ball-over-your-daughter's-head-and-chase-after-it-and-get-run-over-by-cars" game?

Mom and Baby are having a nice little ball game, but Mom has a slight mis-throw, and the ball bounces off of Baby's head. The ball ends up across a busy highway, filled with speeding semi-trucks! With an expectant Baby wanting her ball back, Mom knows she hasn't really got much of a choice but to fight through the traffic.

As Mom travels through the traffic, you can hear her scream in pain from the bludgeoning impact of the trucks. In the distance, behind Baby, a helicopter flies away. When Mom finally makes it to the ball on the other side, she is a total mess. She has a steering wheel sticking out of her and skid marks on her face, but at least she gets the ball. She picks it up with a smile, but then walks straight off a cliff.

As Mom falls, she looks down to realize that she is heading right for the helicopter's rotor blades. She hits them and is totally shredded, forming a neat pile of body parts on the ground. The ball and her hat, however, are untouched. While Mom could not get to the ball without certain death, her daughter climbs down the cliff with climbing gear; picking up her ball with a happy smile.

Unfortunately, Wooly, who was strapped to the helicopter by a gurney, becomes disconnected and plummets down on top of Baby. Wooly suddenly tries to move his gurney, when suddenly the helicopter comes crashing down on him. Despite this, the ball remains untouched. As a final decoration to this slaughter, Baby's beanie lands perfectly on top of the ball.

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