Chew it Flaky
Chew before you swallow!
Internet Season: HTF Break
Episode Number: 1
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
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Next Episode Magnify-cent

Heimlich-ed! is a fan-made episode of HTF Break.


At a candy store, Splendid reads a newspaper. Flaky buys a bag of gumballs and eats one. However, she chokes on it. Splendid leaps into action and tries to help. He grabs Flaky's stomach and gives her the heimlich maneuver. Unfortunately, he did it too hard and squeezed out Flaky's organs. As she falls on the floor, Splendid is shown to have been impaled by Flaky's quills and dies from blood loss. Janitor Lumpy walks in and starts cleaning up the blood.


  1. Flaky's organs are squeezed out of her body.
  2. Splendid dies from blood loss after impaling himself with Flaky's quills.


  1. Flaky's death is similiar to Handy's death in comics #4 and #5. Similiary, Splendid is responsible for both of these deaths.
  2. This is Splendid's second confirmed death, the first being in "Gems the Breaks".

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